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Jenson Agency Marketing is a Financial and Bank Loan Agency Located in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. We Provide Professional Services such as Managing Bank Loan Portfolios, Providing Value-added Services and Debt Consolidation for Bank Car Loan, Bank House Loan Refinance, Bank Personal Loan, Bank SME Loan and More.

We Understand the Challenges Faced by many Individual and Companies while Applying for the Bank Loans and during their Debt Repayments. Thus, We at Jenson, Creatively Provide Comprehensive Provision with Regards to Pre-Loan Documentation, Financial Consultancy, Debt Repayment Planning, and Client Profiling. Today, We Pride Ourselves for being an Aide to many Growing Small Businesses, Happy Families, and Expanding Homes.

We Know That Our Small Contribution to Clients’ Needs Will Create a Huge Impact on Economy; therefore, We Support, Empower, and Provide High-Touch Service to Evert Borrower.

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我们的 成功案例

  • 房屋贷款再融资批准RM 480k

    Would like to thank you so much for all your consulting and advice that you provide when I decided to refinance my home Your prompt response to my calls and questions were very satisfactory.

    Ms Hooi

  • Refinancing housing loan Approval RM 200k

    I also appreciate the fact that you kept me updated on the progress of each bank’s application from start finish. I have already started recommending the both of you to my colleagues and friends.

    Mr Ismail

  • Refinancing loan Approval RM 333K

    Fast. Reliable. Trustworthy. These 3 words aptly describe the services rendered by Jensen agency and his team. Prompt and detailed explanation of the different type of loans and good attention to detail and follow-up. View More

    Muhammad Thoha

  • Refinancing housing loan Approval RM 1,851,000.00

    They explained in detail everything that I needed to know; in very simple terms, unlike many financial partners. They made my transition easy and got me the best deal in town. They are always ready to help when called upon. I have NEVER had any unpleasant situation dealing with them. I will not hesitate to recommend them to any of my friends. View More

    Mr Lau

  • Refinance housing loan Approval RM858k

    They are very dedicated and committed to providing the best possible solution to their client and they go way out to look for the best possible financing options, in term of interest rates and also to ensure the package is well suited to meet the client’s needs. Thereafter sales services is a commendable one. View More

    Syed Abdul Jalil

  • Business loan Approval RM 850k

    I get business loan very quickly and smoothly after getting Jenson’s expert advises. I want to tell everyone that if you need smooth process you should do as Jenson team says. Right documentation and information are very important to get loans. I certainly do a business loan.

    Shirley Huang

  • Personal loan Approval RM 80k

    Very much satisfied with their customer service. Jenson’s loan advisor was always just a call away.

    Ms Wong

  • Personal loan Approval RM130k

    I found Jenson very courteous and dependable.

    Eugine Shaw

  • Personal loan Approval RM 100k

    Jenson is very well in work flow and great expensive during process loan will highly recommend your services.

    Alex Fun

  • Jenson did a great job! Very friendly advises and professional.

    Jacky Li

  • I was afraid of my retirement as I have not saved much. Jenson’s team played a great role in this issue and helped me applying for the loan which I successfully get. Now I am referring Jenson’s services to all my retired friends or those who are having same worries like me.

    Nick Cai

  • Mr Mahadzir Approved a Refinance house Loan Product o on Oct 2019 Loan Amount Rm495,000.00

    He was panic in high commitment issue 

    but we done a great job to help him solve the problem .

    Mr Mahadzir

  • 客户开展业务,但他需要更多资金来扩展业务 


    good job Jenson Agency Marketing 


    Mr Mohd Tahir


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