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Jenson Agency Marketing是一家金融和银行贷款财务顾问服务机构,专门管理银行贷款服务,并为房屋贷款再融资,中小企业贷款,个人贷款和信用卡贷款提供增值服务。

我们了解有许多个人和公司在申请银行贷款以及偿还债务时所面临的挑战。 因此,我们在简森(Jenson),创造性地提供了有关贷款前文档,财务咨询,偿还债务计划和客户概况分析的全面条款。 今天,我们为成为许多成长中的小企业,幸福的家庭和不断扩大的住房的助手而感到自豪。

我们知道,我们对客户需求的少量贡献将对经济产生巨大影响; 因此,我们为每个借款人提供支持,授权并提供高水平的服务。

Year Experience
Assist Customer Reduce Repayment

为何选择 我们?

我们一流的银行贷款顾问为您的企业,房屋和个人理财提供最佳选择。 我们根据客户的个人需求制订方案。 我们确保您选择Jenson作为银行贷款架构的决定将是您的主要裁决,因为我们:

自成立以来,我们已建议许多个人和公司控制其财务状况,并满足其申请银行贷款的要求。 我们所服务的客户群体从学生到高知名度商人皆有。 我们重视每位客户!

Mission Market Oriented

Committed to provide our clients with the robust financing solutions with the latest up date financial options provided by a variety of banks

Vision Customer Centric

Develop your reputation as Malaysia's trusted and reliable financial advisor

Customer Centric

Determined to provide satisfaction guranteed services towards our clients whether for indidual or SME need, we asses the situation give flexibility for our clients to achieve thier goals

Honors & Awards

Exclusive Interview with Sin Chew Daily: Benefits of Debt Restructuring

We are very honored to receive professional interviews and recognition from Malaysia Sin Chew Daily, the most influential Chinese newspaper in Malaysia. Thank you very much for the professional report of Sin Chew Daily! 🤩 I am also very grateful to customers from all walks of life for their support along the way. Your support enables our team to do better!

The 2nd World Excellence Entrepreneur Brand Celebrity Award

JENSON AGENCY MARKETING ; JACHAEL LIM We are honored to be interviewed by THE 2ND WORLD EXCELLENCE ENTREPRENEUR BRAND CELEBRITY AWARD , we are grateful that our services has been recognizes by World Noble

City Pus FM Interview: Learn How Loans Can Help You

Thank you very much Malaysian Radio CITYPlus FM for being invited to visit! This is the first time that we have been invited by the radio station FM. In an atmosphere of great surprise and excitement, we completed this visit very smoothly. The radio host and the staff of each unit are all very professional! Let us benefit a lot!

Honor to be present at the Noble Club by China Press Report

It's a great honor to be present at the "The 2nd world excellence entrepreneur brand celebrity award" of Noble Club! Thank you for the invitation and recognition of the association

Entrepreneur Media Interview: How to face the epidemic head-on

Thank you very much for the invitation of the entrepreneur media The Entrepreneur! Let us all learn about how to use your money wisely during this difficult time during the epidemic

Our Partnerships

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